Sek-c Den A Mutha

Teen Wolf is not as bad as I expected.

So, I finally started watching Teen Wolf (currently on Ep. 3), and, to my surprise, I like it quite a lot. Of course, it leaves, in certain aspects a lot to be desired but, considering this is an MTV show we're talking about only green lit due to the Twilight-craze (which is already slowing down) which = low expectations, I am actually hooked.

It's worth mentioning that the cast is added to the list of my thinspirations. (Colton Haynes  in particular)

Now, whether it will pull a Vampire Diaries and become from a guilty pleasure a legit good show (TVD is great, heitaz to da left) remains to be seen, although, from what I've seen so far, I highly doubt it. Who knows though, TVD took, like, 6 episodes before it entered the amazing zone. I regret nothing.
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